My Biography



My first participation in various shows, concerts and competitions started when I was in the 10th grade in my secondary school. I started with “telling stories” two years before my first participation in any competition or show and it definitely was the time of a really good practice for me. Since taking a second place in Young Talents Competition in 1999, I have been practicing a lot and performing on various stages.




It helped me in my future career, when I tried my hands at competing with other young comedians. However, I didn’t know anything about stand-up until 2003. 2003 became a breakthrough year for me. I visited various venues and took part in shows and competitions that allowed me to present my talent. After taking first place in Talent Showcase 2003 in Stand-Up nomination.




Two years after touring the northern and southern states of the US, I was invited to take part in a miniseries, produced by 2TV channel. The series was shot in a month’s time and became a huge success right after the pilot episode was aired. Every actor and actress of the series became famous. My friends and colleagues were also featured in some episodes of the series.

Recent Books



This is a 34th book written by renown writer Arthur Gray. Though most of her books were sci-fi too, this one holds a special place in her series.



Author is a former army colonel turned business consulting mastermind. He will teach you the harsh but necessary art of firing wrong people.



Learn the lost art of job interviews and psychological assessment of new recruits! Re-written, retold and retaught by Rick Sterling!



This business book aims to teach you the efficiency native to US army but on a corporate-scale level. Former US colonel will explain the vital importance.

What’s New?



June 18, 2015


The more you learn, the more you want to learn. Say you love Italian food and decide to study Italian. At first it's hard. But one day you meet some Italian tourists.



June 18, 2015


Before you part ways, they give you their e-mail address. Now you can easily communicate with them and study some more.



June 18, 2015


In terms of international commerce, English is the language to learn. When the Chinese do business in Egypt, the negotiations  happen in English.



June 18, 2015


If you like going to the movies and are a fan of sitcoms, then English should be on your list. That’s because so many of the world’s films are produced in English.